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A Game like Self Development App?

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    When life is a game, self development must be as fun as levelling up Tongue Out

    I noticed lately that we are lacking a good personal development app in WP7 (is there any at all?). After a thought, i came up with this idea.

    N E O B I A N >>>> This is a game like interactive interface (unlike traditional game with action/graphics ), The aim is to provide a fun and effective way of learning and applying new skills, habit, virtues, right attitudes in real world through innovative ways of interaction with app.

    You can even blueprint your personal development formula for others to follow (or follow a highly successful/evolved person or custom create skills, habits so on and invite others to join you or mentor them. This can drastically reduce the trail and error factor of self learning and put you in fast lane towards self development. You can train individually or in groups - even compete with other groups on good spirits and challenge your commitment towards your own growth. The social hub in the app lets you take community help when you slip down or while the going gets tough.

    Assign yourself a goal - and acheive it by P-A-C-T ing yourself. If you are interested, you can help me contribute to the Personal Development Community and WP7 users by taking this quick survey to determine the appeal of this idea.

    [url=]Concept Survey[/url]

    Thank you, looking forward to your opinions.

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    You mean like the WP7 OptumizeMe?

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    thanks for these app links, these are great apps too..

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    Dotastic is similar to core concept of Neobian to using social pressure but that focusses on outer tasks, Neobian focusses on inner-self development, hence the need of more sphisticated pshycology to go along

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