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A good Windows ad - FINALLY!

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    Sven Groot

    Not bad. It's short, to the point, somewhat catchy, and actually shows the product.

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    Yeah, a decent ad. I like how they're emphasizing Windows as the foundation with things just being built on top (lego bricks, ha!). I do wish they'd use a different start screen background - it gets pretty dull after a while.

    There's another advert, mostly the same, but mentions office:


    My favorite MS ad is still the Windows Phone one. I'd like to see an all encompassing Windows ad with the same style/idea.

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    Not seen these on Prime Time TV in the UK which is where they should be ....


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    I saw these ads so much today on TV. It's interesting that while the YouTube ones specifically mention Surface, the TV spots say "use it on your tablet."

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