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    , davewill wrote


    It would be very constructive to have seen how the development was handled leading up to release.

    well I can tell you this:

    I was in on the first "beta" they did, here is how that went:

    started Friday ended Sunday night.

    each player was only allowed 1 hour and then had to start a new city.

    not all game features were allowed.

    it was the same city - the map area was set, no options to get other maps.

    it had server issues until mid Saturday / or that evening.

    given the start and end times plus the un playable state for the first 20-30 hours it was really a 30 hour test when it should have been 72 hours.

    and given that you could really only do the same city each time I bet many folks got bored and stopped after a few runs.

    how much of a test was that ?  I think it was more of a marketing game, give a sample and at then end of each game they were doing adverts to pre order the game.

    they had a second round beta that I think was the same as the first one.