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    First some background (hope you don't mind to give you a little perspective):

    Maybe I am a dinosaur in today's IT world (I have written my first programming using punch cards), and totally lost interest in the structures of OS's. I am simply a simple user, especially in the small business I am trying to run. All we do is some writing (called "word processing" nowadays) and calculations (spreadsheets) fro making our planning, invoices, receipts and reports. We do basic bookkeeping with an easy to use package. And, of course, we stay in touch with our clients through e-mail, facebook and our website.

    Well, our office is up for renewal, probably 2 desktops and 1 or 2 laptops, ideally to be implemented in a small network to be able to share files. So, now the actual question: what is wise: Should I stick to PC's with WIN7, step up to WIN8 or choose for a Mac? We are basically using no more than: Word, Excel. Outlook, PhotoShop and Simply Accounting.

    So far, no one has been able to give me straightforward advise without the tech talk. Anyone?