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View Thread: A quick self-reminder why I did not pursue native development
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    With all the "reneissance" talk I wanted to see if I could do a hello world in C without consulting the web. This would mean reading arbitrary length line from console where the user might or might not input "hello world" and then outputting it and freeing the memory and there should be no feeling left after that something might still be buggy. And of course this should all happen in at most 5 lines since that's more than enough for this sort of task in my opinion. Well I gave up immediately because I'm not that glutton for punishment. Just like years ago (before C#) when I first tried it.

    In any case I then went to look what would it take, potentially*. There's a question on SO with bunch of initially wrong answers each with bunch of edits to make them more correct. While C++ and what not libraries may be huge improvement over C, how can you get past the risk analysis step of linking 3rd party native code with such huge possibility of bugs?

    Or was this all a lazy excuse to continue being able to only (barely if C++) read and not write native code? (yes) I need to justify continuing my dedication to C# and if a lazy excuse will do it over a tediously long wall of text one then I guess I'll use the time saved to implement some cool features in C#! Ok, you got me, this is all a bit desperate agony over this C++ reneissance and seeing only async in the list of cool things for C#. What's beyond Roslyn?

    If anyone is now wondering how to read a line in C, here it is. *Probability that the "correct answers" are finally correct is... left to the readers rigorous analysis and memorization of relevant specifications.