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View Thread: A quick self-reminder why I did not pursue native development
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    ,Frank Hileman wrote

    You only have to look at the size of Stroustrup's "C++ Programming Language" to realize how complex it is.

    The biggest turn-off for me is debugging heap or stack corruption.

    So long as you don't do anything silly with pointers, you should be okay...right? Big Smile

    My biggest problem with C++ is the libraries. Any language, no matter how backward or difficult can be made all the better with decent libraries. Qt is great if you want to use C++ as though it were C#, but that's a whole other thousand-page book to memorise before you become any good at it.

    I'm getting conflicting information about the nature of WinRT on non-metro applications. Can C++ applications consume WinRT for traditional desktop, console, and service/daemon applications or not?