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View Thread: A quick self-reminder why I did not pursue native development
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    Sven Groot

    ,Cream​Filling512 wrote

    Also C++11 is yet another beast.  I'm pretty good with C++, although a bit rusty, but C++11 brings new keywords, syntax, operators, features and it's like a whole new language.

    Too bad we're getting almost no new C++11 language features with VC11. VC10 already had auto and lambdas, but all that VC11 adds is scoped enums. No variadic templates, no ranged for-loop, no constexpr, no uniform initialization or initializer lists... it's amajor disappointment.

    (Note that I said language features; we are getting pretty much all of the C++11 std library, including <thread> and <atomic>, which is good).