I remember working at MS a few years back and using my MacBook, I got some funny looks. A while after that it seems everyone was using a MacBook even in the MS community.

I went through a phase of Apple laptops when they was was way in front of the competition in terms of hardware design.  I had a MB, a MB Pro and a MB Air.

However I think the competition has caught up somewhat and no need to pay the premium for Apple hardware anymore.

I just purchase a Dell XPS 15 fully specced with IvyBridge Core i7, 512 SSD, 16GB RAM and a very decent 2GB Geforce 640M grpahics card.  I probably couldn't get that kind of spec with a MB Pro and if I could it would cost the earth.  

The XPS is very nicely designed as well with brushed aluminium case, feels very solid and well built.

In terms of tablets, I still think you can't beat the iPad. Recently debated purchasing the Surface but compared to the iPad 4 it doesn't come close and at the same price it was a no brainer.