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AMD GPU14 / Mantle

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    "We've been told at the GPU14 Tech Day event that the Mantle API is open, so theoretically Nvidia could purpose the technology in their GPUs. It should also make cross-development between PC and console games a lot easier, and also more incredible for those with a high-performance AMD GPU."

    AMD unveils revolutionary 'Mantle' API to optimize GPU performance

    One slide says: "Used instead of DX11 on compatible Radeon GPUs"

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     no mention of XBox One and MONO ?

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    even the official AMDRadeon twitter account recommends reading the AnandTech article on Mantle Wink

    "Understanding AMD's Mantle: A Low-Level Graphics API For GCN" -


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    Also nice to point out a particular comment on the anandtech article ...

    inighthawki - link

    DX and OpenGL are too high level to expose some of the features that are likely exposed by Mantle, but that doesn't mean thy cannot benefit from some of the features. Someone below mentioned how Mantle is probably just a "scene graph". Very unlikely. More likely is the enhanced draw calls they are referring to is the same thing Nvidia presented a few years ago via OpenGL extensions - bindless graphics. With enough work, the API can also then start harnessing GPU memory as pointers instead of data bound by a set of registers, which is where OpenGL and DX mostly start breaking down, and cannot do this today. Direct memory access can have huge benefits.


    Jaybus  - (response to inighthwawki) - link

    Wait. I think the question is could DX and OpenGL drivers be written to use Mantle rather than direct hardware access. The answer is yes. Mantle is providing a virtual GPU that is a direct 1:1 mapping to hardware functions. It might not be quite as fast, but it should be pretty close because it wouldn't need make any more mode switches than it would for direct hardware access. The benefit would be in driver development. Once a particular OpenGL or D3D version was implemented using Mantle, it would work for any AMD GCN hardware well into the future. It would give AMD a set of stable, optimized D3D and OpenGL drivers that would work with any future GCN devices for quite some time and require far less code maintenance.

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