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ASP.NET .. JSON ... DATA .. Hows ??

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    hello and thank you from droping by,

    so i want ot build a web app .. a single page kind off app and ii heard its the best for UI/UX kind of thing which is some i like to work on but i have a question for the data and JSON for retrieving ... so when i use code first how i can save people from a login form for example and if i want to make post and article .. m'i in need of a blog ? and how i can do it in SPA ..

    Second .. JSON is it for ready data retrieving or for insistent data ?? .. 

    i saw i lot of tuts of data repository and JSON but i did not get the idea .. where i get data from ?


    please help !! i'am really in need of these info 

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    I am unable to understand your need, but the easy first step for ASP .Net is to download webmatrix and their starter template already does user login for you. Or look at its PhotoGallery template which is similar to how blog does it.

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    Stay away from SPA until you know what you are doing.

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    , sync2 wrote

    m'i in need of a blog ?


    Second .. JSON is it for ready data retrieving or for insistent data ?? .. 


    Not trying to be rude, but I (and I'm pretty sure others) do not understand what you are saying.


    But basically, you need to create a web service (google WCF Web Services). You then use Javascript in you web app to make ajax calls. For this, you'd probably want to use a higher level library like JQuery. Everything else, you just build on top of these fundamental components. You can configure the web service to spit out JSON and to receive JSON. For e.g, the web service sends the JSON data to the web app when the web app requests it by making a call using an endpoint "http://myservice/users". You can also have the web app send the data as JSON back to the web service through another service endpoint "http://myservice/user".

    So, google JQuery ajax and WCF web services.

    As Zippy said, don't do SPA unless you can get the basics correct.

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    If anybody has Pluralsight or need an excuse, I highly recommend John Papa's new SPA course.

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