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    , Proton2 wrote


    I have downloaded over 2,000 MP3s. To be more specific, they were copyrighted songs, and I didn't pay for them. It is my understanding that this is legal. Because of the existence of an extra tax (in my jurisdiction) on cd's for the purpose of compensating to copyright holders, even if I use the cd for a purpose other than putting a song on it, that allows me to get off scot free do download songs as I please.

    Even if the tax did not exist, it would still be legal for me to download copyrighted songs.

    It is providing access, or uploading the songs that is illegal.

    I would advise you to ask an attorney whether they think what you are doing is illegal or not, rather than just assuming it is legal.

    The law != common sense.

    I can rationalize my behaviour on C9 != I can defend my behaviour in court.