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View Thread: Aaron Swartz commits suicide; dies at 26
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    , Proton2 wrote

    How many here have ripped a CD that you did not own? Hypocrites.

    Irrelevant, and the label is unfounded. No one that pointed out that what you did was illegal said a thing about their own behavior. If you can rationalize your behavior, fine. Just don't say it's legal due to your rationalization.

    I think DRM is repugnant and morally wrong. I've broken DRM on this basis. *I* believe I'm on the right side of morality here, since I've broken DRM only to do things that I believe should fall under "fair use" and that I shouldn't be restricted from doing. However, unlike you, I don't use my rationalizations to claim what I did was legal.

    Can't say I understood any of the rest or your diatribe. Lots of personal information without much of an argument or point, as far as I could tell.