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    How many here have ripped a CD that you did not own? Hypocrites.

    Anyway, I left out the second part of my rant as I wanted to see the reactions. Good job fellows, you played along.

    Part 2 of my downloaded music rant:


    1. The songs I downloaded disappeared long ago when the hard drive they were stored on crashed. I listened to very few of them, and even then only once or twice.
    2. I don't listen to songs / music. I'm more of a TV person. I grew up without a record player in the house, though at one point we had a cassette player and listened to Burl      Ives singing "Goober Peas" and some Mario Lanza songs. I was 18      before I started to listen to music on the radio.
    3. I was 19 when I bought my first record player, and over the years I bought about half a dozen records. I then switched to tapes. Skipped the 8-track era altogether. I      bought maybe a dozen tapes over the years.
    4. I have only purchased one single music cd. It's a Rolling Stones live album, which I was      disappointed in as I wanted the quality of a studio recording.
    5. I have listened to a huge amount of music over the radio as the radio was playing all day long at work, and on the car radio.

    So am I concerned about action against me from the Record industry? Not at all. They should be concerned that I don't buy their music because I don't listen to their music.


    I have seen the following in concert, partial list: David Bowie, The Cars, Devo, Z Z Top, The Police, Doug and the Slugs, Jeff Healey.

    I have spent about as much on live concerts as I have on recorded music.

    I was very surprised when I listened to some of those downloaded music files on a device with stereo headphones as I had never heard music other than through tinny speakers. I was surprised how good it sounded and what I was missing all those years.

    Music seems awfully a lot like a drug. The music industry seems more like a drug pushing industry.

    The Crony Capitalism of charging all Canadians with a music levy even if they have not downloaded music and only use cd's to store their camera pictures or data files is my justification, and that's all I need. Reap what you sow music industry.