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View Thread: Adobe concedes: Flash for Mobile browsers abandoned, HTML5 is the way forward
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    @lensman:Your wrong and your thinking is WRONG.  I want to be more productive with complicated problems.   Making a complicated environment for an easy problem makes the world go backwards.   I heard the same bullcrap with Microsoft COM and their IDIspatch, Cocreateinstance, etc.   It died and Java killed it.  Microsoft then hired Anders and got .net and C# going.   Developers happy again but now we are invited to take another step backwards.  The dumb developers think this is job security or something stupid like that.   If you like that kind of thinking go become an attorney where simple things are complicated on purpose.   Why dont you just program in assembly and tell everyone how good you are at it.   This fight is not over and Microsoft will backtrack because Google already sees the light on web programming.