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View Thread: Adobe jumps on the racket trend with a 9% cut on the Flash runtime
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    , magicalclick wrote

    Not sure how they are going to charge it. But, that's weird.

    Ahhhh......... I see. Free for IE9 and other browsers. They charges iOS and Android applications. So, it is easily tracked through Apple Store and Android Store.

    Except that's not what it said.

    "Applications that make less than $50,000 in revenues will remain free of any royalties, as will any use of the premium features in applications packaged with Adobe AIR, including mobile applications for iOS and Android."

    They're just making the Flash Player put up a watermark if you use the two premium features in your app to shame you into paying the royalties.

    The features (and the Alchemy compiler) all seem to be related to allowing one to compile and run existing game engines written in c/c++ within the Flash Player.