The word is out. Nokia is going to produce Windows Phone hardware. What is your oppinion?

I'm really hoping they can bring out phone quicky at a lower price point. Current phone all cost above € 500 ) which is to high. I'm hoping for stunning Carl Zeis camera's beautiful hardware and keyboards (E7) and long battery life.

I'm always liked Nokia phones and now have a Samsung and aren't happy about it. My next phone would have been a Windows Phone and now I'm pretty sure it's going to be Nokia one. If they ship this year. My hope is they will deliver a 'basic' WP7 device and not wait for all the nokia differentiation to be finnished before shipping because I don't feel like I would need it.

Also: wouldn't it be a great illustration of their work of at WMC the demo device for WP7 would be a Nokia device. (Just to show us they got it working allready). (Nokia stock is down 14% today)