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Alien life exists, and we have proof

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    news link



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    Dr Herbie

    1. Still early, needs to be fully analysed by the whole community (nice to see them being open and making invitations for this, rather than being defensive).

    2. The phrase 'strikingly similar to earth bacteria' rings alarm bells for contamination.

    3.  If this is corroborated, I will be very pleased.  It's nice to think we're not the only island of life in the universe.



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    Haven't read any of the linked items in the article, but I'm kind of put off by the end of the article. The fact that the reporter explicitly states that he hopes alien life exists kind of makes me wonder if he hasn't bent the story to his wishes.

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    Sven Groot

    These kinds of claims have cropped before, and have always been disproved somehow. It would be awesome if it's true, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    "Adrian Chen at Gawker has found that this research is hardly new, and simply an update or recycling of claims made since 2004 by Dr. Hoover"


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    And, of course, these were Republican fossilized remains of interstellar cyanobacteria (this is why the "fair and balanced" Fox News got the "inside" scoop....).


    The Journal of Cosmology is not a scientific journal at all. Note on the website the "paper" that debunks Darwinism since genes on Earth originated from outer space. Think about that for a moment.



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    Weren't "we" already the proof that life exists in this universe?


    Anyway, don't care about it. More specifically, hopefully we don't find them at all. I don't want "The Thing".

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    If aliens can do me a better deal on a new TV than my local rip-off merchants, then I say, bring it on.

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    We're all made in stars!

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