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    Well before I go any further I know that sometimes you don't get what you want but you get what you need, but if you don't ask, you get nothing.

      Windows to explain itself.

    Windows & F1 key combination to show a HUD with the names of the parts of the screen. This will allow people to articulate the proper name(s) for the problem they are having, to both help themselves in searches and when calling me.

      Windows 8.1 to detect the mouse and start at the Windows desktop.

    The modern user interface works when you have a passive touch screen (see passive vs active touch later) but not so well when there is only a mouse. It would be better to start at the Windows UI when no passive touch is detected.

      To get off WinXP.

    To sell an OS to business you have to sell it first to the consumer. That being the case I want Windows Next to take advantage of sensors to know when I am there and respond "encouragingly". Its corny, but I want to have an interactive experience with my computer, instead of just commands. When it detects that I am there, light up, change colour, and/or respond in an affirmative fashion. Also allow me to turn it off or scale it right back for work.

      Windows 9 to use Active Touch instead of Passive Touch.

    Passive touch is where the screen senses the finger and responds; where as active touch (touchy-feeling as I like to think of it) is where electrostatic pulses of electricity emit to the finger so that both you and the screen both sense the interaction. What this allows, is for you to feel the close button but not have to press it; feel the edge of the window but not have to drag it; gives you the pixel perfect input to be efficient, etc. Now back to the point with Win8, passive touch only works well on kiosk or single page applications (ie. iOS, android.) or on small screens where you have to page to each other screen; basically a fixed size area. Win8 on the other hand does a side scroller, which is another form of a view *into* (aka Windows) the area. One of the unfortunate side effects, is that since you conceptually understand you are viewing *into* something, you want to but can't scroll in both directions. This is intuitively uncomfortable. Another adverse side effect is the wasted space above and below the side scroll area. (one can only zoom so much). This then leads to a design of only flat levels and scroll right to infinity. Therefore one gets overwhelmed by having to reading each tile or first of the group as the number of tiles increase. (Just watch how people muck up 1+1-1*0-1+1 calcs when there are >7 numbers) Your brain can better process hierarchy of data levels (groups of items <= 7).

      To get enthused again in programming .NET.

    We're all busy and as you get older (especially with kids), it's even harder to self motivate. So I want to change how I learn things to be like role playing games. Since I can't get and do it myself (in basics) I want to create a website that asks people to create programs to complete a task, then have peers of that level and above review the program and either pass or fail it with the top 10 becoming examples. One increases in levels after reviewing a certain number and passing their own level tests. That way I have a lot of people I can get help with a specific problem, work together with and know for sure that a level 50 Jon Skeet isn't really Chuck Norris.

      Reinvent the idea of username/password logins.

    Authenta-Key as I like to call it, is the idea that user name/password is only good for computers to break. Why can't the way the user enters the password be part of the authorisation process? That way one can choose from multiple login methods how they want to access and the password will never be the same. My password can be 5 "a"'s but to the tune in my head, so it's the stats over time in how I enter it that's recorded. Search the name for more details.

      Hierarchical comments.

    Reading through 50 pages of 20 comments per page is not going to happen. Comments that get votes or have sub comments should pop up to the top list and others should have to be searched down from them. One top comment should always be "Rants" as sometimes people just want to vent. This way ones time is better spent with comments that make a difference.

    That's enough for now as it went a bit longer than expected. Though, what do you want if you only just needed to ask.

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    I don't really understand your other points (or agree with what I do understand), but I do think contextual help is a good idea that's been abandoned for too long.

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    Contextfree: No problem. Which ones wasn't I clear about? Maybe I can better word them?

    What about the ones you don't agree with? Maybe I should be looking at them another way?

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    Contextual help: great idea and I hope they do something about it.

    Start at desktop: 8.1 will include an option to do this. Personally, I have a mouse and prefer starting at the start screen, so I think this user-chosen option is the best solution.

    Get off XP: XP is a tiny marketshare right now and businesses that are still on it have better reasons to stay on it than saving money on new licenses. When security updates stop next year, we'll see a lot of businesses move off of it.

    Active touch: that just sounds creepy. I don't want my computer to shock me.

    Programming in .NET: there are all sorts of cool things going on in .NET. You just need to find them.

    Voice passwords: way too easy to fake, and way too many tone-deaf people out there Smiley

    Comments: do you mean on the forums here? That would put things out of order, and what if people are responding to more than one post?

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    Spivonious: Re: Authenta-Key. Voice password is just one option that the user could use. I was thinking of having a range of possible login methods.

    Pass-key – just the user name for low security/read only access. Ie. The time of each key press and the time in the space between each key press.

    Pass-Word – timing of the username *and* password.

    Pass-Whisper – Have some predefined detail sent back with text to speech that only the user would know.

    Pass-Highlight – Highlight some text or some part of the picture.

    Pass-Draw – Like the Windows 8 or Android start screens.

    Pass-Tap – The timings of mouse clicks or key presses.

    Pass-Something – Just get inventive with your imagination.

    This makes it harder to compromise multiple of users as each not only has a non-consistent password (ie. The stat's change on each login), but the user can also pick and choose which method to use.


    Re: Comments. Yes, here pretty much everywhere. Things out of order? Not in relation to time, but it wouldn't take much logic to show the hill comments in relation to the ones around it. Maybe colour/size of text or some other method, but having a way defining which are of interest to read. Responding to more than one post? In truth this could be the ideal scenario, as your post would either be apart of either hill comment your responding to (depending on the interest in your post) or maybe even the start of a hill itself. This might allow filters that show only the comments that have a hill height of 10 or more likes? Maybe the owner could see a height chart of the comments to know how to refine their future articles? ie. How to have a survey without having a multi-choice survey!?!

    Basically I'm looking for the summary of the comments and will dig deeper into rabbit hole of the interesting ones.

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    , N2Cheval wrote

    My password can be 5 "a"'s but to the tune in my head, so it's the stats over time in how I enter it that's recorded. Search the name for more details.

    This is not good for remote desktop logins, as the password is not typed onto the screen.

    Probably not good for Active Directory login types too, as the schema has to find another way to store this type of information, and have to ignore it when try to logon a pre-Win8 system.

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    cheong: Good point about remote logins. That's why you can choose another login type in that scenario. Though, could it be used for the initial remote login, no?

    Yes, either Active Directory would have to be upgraded to support it or possibly enabled through the Delegated Authentication?

    These are just ideas, but one thing I do know is that the current challenge/response of the text only user name/password is bad for humans and good for hacking computers; so there must be a better way.

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    A small thing:

    When I use the BING desktop App to change my desktop wallpaper I would like the Modern Desktop App Tile  to recognise a change has happened and update itself within minutes rather than days.

    Another thing:

    I would like the option of having the Modern Mail App update itself in the background so that when I open it I don't have to wait to see my latest mail.

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    ... and Media Center could use some more love.

    1) I'd like to see a view option that doesn't include movies. Cause I got a couple a thousand recordings.

    2) The ability to select a recently recorded TV series episode and go into a view that filters to all episodes recorded for that series. So I can more easily watch in chronological order for example.

    3) a full screen view that doesn't capture my mouse. I like to use a second monitor sometimes while watching Media Center. I currently have to mess around with stretching the window edges.

    4) There is a bug if you have different sized monitors and you open Media Center on for example a 4:3 ratio monitor and you move Media Center to a 16:9 monitor, the 4:3 mode is stuck, though it can be fixed with some finagling. (windowed mode; full screen is fine).

    5) And why does my TV tuner not work in Win 8 when it worked just fine in Win 7 (64bit for both) ? I have to reduce my memory from 12 GB to 4 ish GB to have my internal PCIe tuner to work. My external USB version still works fine...unless I record multiple shows in a row, then the recordings are not recorded properly, they sound high pitched and I can only watch them in hurry up speed, which makes them sound even higher pitched.

    I will probably dedicate an older computer to TV recording duties soon, as soon as hard drives fall back down in price to levels prior to that flood A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. Smiley

    Update: Ha, I spoke too soon:,22150.html

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    , Proton2 wrote

    ... and Media Center could use some more love.


    I'd love to see a Metro version of the TV pieces.

    I'd also love to see a Metro Netflix with remote control support. Every other app has keyboard shortcuts I can set up, but not Netflix.

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    @N2Cheval:I'll Bite on some of these.

    Windows to explain itself.--Nifty concept.  In the meantime, I would suggest a small training doc about the Problem Steps Recorder in the meantime. 

    More Info here:

    Windows 8.1 to detect the mouse and start at the Windows desktop--Not a big fan of this one.  I have a Touchsmart and a Surface RT running Win8.  If it detected the mouse, then I miss out on the touch benefits just because I want to use all three as input devices.  I find a lot of times I will use mouse/keyboard as primary and augment with touch when appropriate.  Example: I will browse the internet using keyboard and mouse for precise control, but touch for scrolling.  I think there's a world where all three are useful and when combined contribute to productivity.

    To get off WinXP--This isn't a consumer demand issue that's causing this problem.  It's a business perspective issue.  Computers are considered commodity tools for business, a good example is a cash register.  A cash register is necessary for day to day business operations, but you don't see businesses buying the latest cash register when it comes out.  Businesses treat computers like cash registers, they see the need for one, but they don't understand the impact of the machine.  (Leaving Windows 8 out of this argument.  That's a story for a different day.)  I can't tell you how many times some idiot decided to skimp on RAM trying to save a business money and that direct decision causing loss of productivity because the machines would run slower than the workers.  The eighty bucks they saved in the cost of the machine ends up costing them thousands in labor costs due to the reduced productivity.  Until you can get a change in the mindset of a business, they will buy whatever they want and hold onto it until it's a smoking crater.

    Business IT is a marathon, not a race.  Until you can get leaders to understand this, and plan for it in cycles, then workers could strike all day long, and it still won't matter about upgrading an os or physical machine.

    Windows 9 to use Active Touch instead of Passive Touch--Another interesting concept.  I don't like the idea of static electricity as the feedback mechanism.  I am sure one day we will have materials that can flex and give physical feedback, today is not that day.


    Reinvent the idea of username/password logins--It's like democracy, it's the not the best but it's the best we got.  Until you have a hardware solution that every manufacturer agrees upon, every technical company agrees upon, and every company agrees upon, you will not have that solution.  Even if you could get everyone to agree on a standard, you will have some rogue company decide their way is better and use market pressure to try and force their solution.

    In the meantime I will just leave this:


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