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Alternative native programing languages for WinRT ? not possible yet

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    IIRC Charles encouraged native language vendors (D, Go etc.) to create Windows Runtime projections at Lang.NEXT this year, but it turns out, it wont work, unless you can use Visual C++ runtime, huh.

    Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist at Embarcadero, and an old college of Anders Hejlsberg in Borland, is building the next version of Delphi, but can't deliver the WinRT intergration feature in it, due to limitations of the API surface.

    And, Embarcadero is building a Mobile Studio product, which can create native iOS and Android apps with shared code, but Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 can't be supported.

    IIRC Microsoft granted special priviliges to browser vendors to build browsers for Modern UI, maybe they should have a similiar program for compiler vendors ?

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    Ouch, really? That seems like a big limitation.

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