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Amazing Printer

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    Using a small portable device like that for a shopping list is reasonable but using a full sized iPad is ridiculously show-offish.

    , TommyCarlier wrote

    I actually use my iPad Mini (aka iPod Touch) for managing groceries. When I need something, I add it to the list and when I'm shopping I get a nice overview of what I need, grouped by shop and section (using the app beShop).

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    , brian.shapiro wrote

    Does it always print out that face when its done?

    Who wouldn't want to carry around little pieces of paper depicting a smiley face with a comb-over?

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    @cbae:You know who else had a comb-over?


    Anywho, I love using OneNote for groceries and a 'todo' list for chores and stuff I need to get done.  Hell, I have 3 different work outs that I do and they're listed as tables in one-note so I can use the phone and keep track.

    Goofy, yes, but I just don't have the memory cells that I used to have.  Plus, my printer broke, and I"m trying to see if I can make it 6 months without one.  Most of the stuff I printed was a waste.

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