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right and it looks like its built mainly by some ex-softies, mostly from Bing Maps (Virtual Earth) team Smiley

Gur Kimchi, see https://channel9.msdn.com/search?term=Gur+Kimchi

Daniel Buchmueller,


Severan Rault, and Brian Beckman

I was really happy to see that Brian ended up on that project, I've been wondering why he left for Amazon, and this explains it pretty well. It's definitely an exciting project.  I had no doubt that it was real.  Amazon needed to announce it now, not only for marketing, but to ensure no one can say they are just copying someone else's business plan, and to get prior art related to the project out there before someone starts patenting everything about it.  Delivery by drone is a natural progression and is definitely not sci-fi and will definitely happen and obviously Amazon realized just how good it would be for them to jump on it ASAP.