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    I can't speak as a developer, but I can speak as a tech that works with Microsoft technologies day in and day out.  About three years ago, I made a decision that it was time to stop putting all my eggs in the Microsoft basket.  I started seeing a trend in the company that started to disturb me and I made a decision to purchase my first Mac.  I absolutely hated it, but even then I could see changes coming and hedged bets. If I wanted to be the best I could be, I had to be able to handle anything thrown at me.  At that point, OSX could become an honest alternative to Windows in the enterprise. 

    Since then Apple has run away from the enterprise.  Apple has stopped production of the XSERVE, has taken their server product and made it a shell of what it once was.  If you want enterprise management of all those iPads and iPhones, well you might as well buy a Microsoft System Center product.  In fact, look at Apple's documentation on iPad management. They always refer you back to a "third party Mobile Device Management" device.  Of course, Apple doesn't even give you a list of third party device management solutions.  I guess they figure we can all use Google to find out, it's not like Apple cares.  When was the last time Apple released a version of iWork?  How about the lunacy of the Final Cut Pro release?

    Apple doesn't want the responsibility of business, why would they?  Farm everything out to the developer community to fill the gaps.  Let the developers build the office productivity apps, let the developers build the server management apps, let the developers do apps, while Apple will just keep on doing hardware and a base operating system.  Where a Microsoft would create a new server product, Apple is just going to farm out that work.

    As a developer, you should see the opportunities that are available to you.  Take them.


    As far as your complaints, for every vocal opponent out there, there are many of us that aren't.  For me, if they can't listen to beta testers anymore or the masses screaming, my voice isn't going to make much of a difference.  My telemetry will.