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View Thread: Anders Hejlsberg @ Oct 3 GOTO Aarhus: Mysterious Announcement ?
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    Err.... so Erik want to kill WebGL ?? Devil Just kidding.

    Personally I hope Anders will release that QBASIC for Roslyn project, that'll be FUN for me. Big Smile Big Smile

    OK, jokes aside, speculation goes on Devil, now maybe we should watch this panel of Lang.NEXT again.

    As quoted by Darryl K. Taft

    However, Hejlsberg added; "Java used to be cross-platform but is no longer cross-platform; the new cross-platform language in town is JavaScript."

    Goaded by Meijer as to whether it is possible to write big programs in JavaScript, Hejlsberg replied, "Yes, you can, but you can't maintain them," much to the delight of the crowd that featured several prominent language and tools designers. "I think there are some unmet needs there," Hejlsberg added.

    So will Anders meet the needs here ? or have Erik solved the deep philosophical questions ? Tongue Out

    It's either that, or we might see the first traces of .NET 5, that'll be totally unexpected though.

    Tesla had a plan for 5 years, in 2007, lets see whats in the store this time.

    But after all these speculations, I really want to see DevDiv finished the Win8 wave and continue with their own adventures for projects survived the Sinofsky reset. Devil Devil