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View Thread: Anders Hejlsberg @ Oct 3 GOTO Aarhus: Mysterious Announcement ?
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    @Richard.Hein: Well at last years Build he was not too kind on what his opinion was of Javascript and he even held back a few words.    So yeah,  now if he is working on Javascript improvements he is going against what he really thinks about it.   Corporate Sellout.   Thats not a bad thing since we all have bills to pay.   I just hope like felix9 is indicating that he can get back on real improvements to development. 

    Also,  I dont think the languages thing was really more than a marketing ploy.   Microsoft needed to compete with Java and C# would have sufficed but they heard a loud cry from the VB guys.  C# was not a stretch for C/C++ or Java guys but was a big leap for VB and that is how Microsoft pleased everyone.  Javascript, on the other hand, was invented to get some functionality in browsers which started out as text viewers.  I still would have preferred the silverlight route and they could have won if they beat out apple and google on the phone platform.