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View Thread: Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here
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    Dear Niners,

    I'm going to swing by Anders' office on 4/27/2011 (27/4/2011 for my European friends). He's very interested in getting your feedback/questions on the latest Async CTP release. Of course, you can ask whatever you want, but things like "When is the next version of C# shipping?" or "What exactly will you ship when you ship?" will most likely go unanswered for hopefully obvious reasons. So, please stay away from asking about dates, future features and such. Focus on what's here now, what's in the CTP and other non-disclosure related material. That said, what do you want to know? Ask Anders!

    It's been a while since Anders has graced us with his presence on C9. Let's take advantage of this. Ask questions, brothers and sisters! (Do me a favor and just post questions to this thread. Will make it much easier for me to parse - so, no debate. Just questions for Anders!).

    Your serve,