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    what does Anders think about dependency properties in WPF? I find them confusing and difficult to use. Esp when I have not written any WPF for a few months.  What is the case against building a "property changed notification facility" directly into the language?

        // the "signal property changed" clause after the method declaration tells the 
        // compiler to call the method whenever the value of the specific property is changed.
        // The name of the method does not matter.
        // The parameters passed to the method are the before change value of the property
        // and the current value.
        // more than 1 method could be defined to be called when the value of the property
        // changes. 
        // The goal being that you could bind to a property in xaml without having to wire
        // up a dependency property. The XAML compiler would create a "signal property changed"
        // method for its use to be signaled when the property value changes.
        private void CustomerNameChangedEventHandler( string wasValue, string newValue ) 
          : signal property changed Name_Of_Property_Here