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    I heard a story that, a lot of languages experts were invited to redmond to discuss the design of CLR 1.0, way before it shipped the first version, and many of them are dynamic language experts, but I heard many of their advices about making CLR more dynamic-friendly was not taken at first. now 10 years later Anders list Dynamic as one of the 'Future Trends', and C# has made significant improvement on 'dynamic' front recently, is it purely about the maturity and time, or the team changed their mind a little bit ? are they changing their mind again now as dynamic is not the 'buzzword' anymore recently, and Gilad Bracha said ms 'taking dynamic seriously for a while, then not taking it seriously', what happened ?

    is the main purpose of C# dynamic keyword to improve Office/COM experience since its important for enterprise LOB applications and this market is what Microsoft really cares about ?

    and is 'statically verifiable' the new buzzword now ? any vision on that front ?