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View Thread: Ann Droid and the Mysterious Incident of the Plagiarised Novel
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    , Bas wrote

    The details are so bizarre. Why would they explicitly quote sentences, or point out what the titles of various chapters are?

    I'm not that familiar with the case but isn't the claim that Google basically wrote their own version of the Java apis? Copying the titles/key plot sentences I think means copying the behaviour (or perhaps even the code) required to make their Java APIs behave like Sun's?

    , Ray7 wrote


    Sun open-sourced Java in 2006. When Oracle bought Sun, they bought into that. if they were hoping to win a lawsuit based on the murky area of API copyright then that wasn't very smart. 

    Java is licensed under the GPL, yes? In which case Google would also have to release their code under the GPL, no? (They may have done this, I'm not familiar with the situation.) Code being open source doesn't mean you can do what you want with it, it still has to be allowed by the license.