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    Today Xamarin announced version 2.0 of their tools for using C# and Mono to develop iOS/Android apps on Windows/Mac/Linux with Visual Studio/Xamarin Studio.

    Xamarin also announced new free and individual developer versions.

    Part of the sales pitch Xamarin offered in the past is the easy of use and much simplified code reduction their C# libraries provide above and beyond Objective-C and Java. This new version much improves their tooling, according to Xamarin.

    My question to everyone here is, have you tried using C# or the Xamarin products to develop mobile applications for iPhone or Android? If so, what was your experience, and if not what has kept you from trying and using Xamarin mobile development tools?

    I'll answer first: No I haven't tried Xamarin studio previously because their lowest price was $999 and I have a strong bias against paid developer tools having had experienced Borland Delphi.