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    I'm glad the Windows Store installations will take care of these annoyances, but darn, I wish we could fix desktop application installers as well. I'm ranting because two installation packages have annoyed the heck out of me already this morning.

    First, there was a Flash update. Stupid installer wanted to both make Chrome my default browser and install the Google Toolbar in IE. Either of those would have been annoying as heck, but combined it just leaves me scratching my head in confusion.

    Then Java wants to update (again). As always this one wants to install the Ask Toolbar. Yeah, right. When it gets done there's this nifty checkbox "Restart my browser now to complete the installation." Don't care to lose my current browser session just so Java (which rarely gets used) can finish, so I tick that off and click close. This results in a modal dialog "Java Setup - Restart Browser" where they tell me "If you do not restart your browser now, the installation will not complete until the next time you restart your computer." No kidding? Didn't I just read that and tell you to forget about, I'll restart later?

    All this over things I have installed only to handle a rare web page or two (and Java's about to get the boot regardless of what web pages require it!). There should be a law against "bundling" in installers, and stupid things like what the Java installer did should result in the developer undergoing public ridicule.