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    , Bass wrote

    This is a problem of control that only computer nerds seem to care about. Others will either not notice or find the bundled "crapware" useful. Computer nerds (or "professionals" if you prefer that term) who do not actively use proprietary software to begin with do not experience these issues.

    Thus I must conclude that this is a non-issue, and will continue as long as it remains a profitable way to distribute software.

    I call BS. First, many normal users do complain about this. Others complain about it indirectly without having any idea what the cause of their complaints are. The problem is so bad that Microsoft has taken to trying to find "solutions" (IE trying to help users to disable add-ons, Microsoft store selling and marketing Signature Line PCs, etc.), though admittedly they are obviously reluctant to actually put the ban hammer down, as they do have the ability to do so. This is NOT a non-issue, nor is it "nerd rage", nor would it matter if it were. And if your last sentence is indicating that you personally have software you've written that follows these practices, then shame on you.