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    , fanbaby wrote

    Anyone advocating native desktop development is doing so because:

    • The app is high bendwidth/large datasets/computationally intensive (image/video/3d/statistics/games)
    • The developer feels at home with desktop development (hammer, nails, etc.).

    I cannot believe there are developers who would recommend with straight face access-style (LOB) apps today.

    That's not to say that it's easy to develop web apps. But that there isn't a choice. See what John Papa is doing these days (after being Silverlight evangelist).

    BS. I can give you hundreds of reasons I advocate "native" desktop development (don't like the term native here, as it usually indicates natively compiled binaries, and I could care less about that aspect, what we really mean here is anything other than a "web app"). One of the most intelligent arguments I've ever seen comes from this web page:

    The biggest reason to not care for web app development isn't even technical... users prefer native applications intuitively. I've talked to many such users and they can give you all sorts of reasons that might cause you to think there's a technical remedy to their specific complaint, but the reality is all of these complaints come down the levels of interaction that Matt talks about, and there's no technical fix here.

    Win8 JS apps are a different beast, as these are not web apps. They don't run in a browser and don't have an extra level of interaction. In this case I don't think there's anything wrong with them... though having written a very large application using JavaScript (a Mozilla XUL application) I can tell you I never want to write anything larger than a todo list application using that sort of technology, and frankly I see no benefit in using JavaScript here other than familiarity for web devs. If you know any other language that can be used to create a Win8 application I can see no compelling reason for you to choose JavaScript over any of the other languages. It's certainly not going to help you with writing "portable" applications. Tongue Out