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View Thread: Another Softie Leaving - Michael Swanson
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    ,Charles wrote

    We will really miss Mike. His work ethic, brilliance, creativity and productivity represent a big loss for us. That said, he will be successful in whatever path he takes and I know he'll not completely abandon our platform - he'll push the envelope and build great apps.


    It doesn't sound like he's abandoning the Microsoft platform at all. It sounds more like he's going "all in" on Metro style applications because he perceives that that's the direction Microsoft is pushing its devs.

    If Windows 8 is to be the future of Microsoft, * it, I dislike it initiallybut I'm in. If I have to design my way out of this crappy world of experience, so be it.I'm going to now spend majority of my energy in evangelizing metro principles and start teaching people more of what I know? As I seem to have a niche here and its worthwhile showing others the total amount of my knowledge and seeing what comes of that?

    His blog post was a good read, but his writing would be far more coherent if he didn't litter his sentences with unnecessary question marks. Smiley