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Another blowout quarter: the Apple gravy train rolls on.

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    Basically, everything is up aside from iPod sales, which continue their steady and inevitable decline.

    $24billion in revenues, an increase of 83%

    Net profit rises 78% to $6billion

    While the PC market contracted 3%, Mac sales rose 28%. They said the Macbook Air is proving the be extremely popular.

    iPad2 sales were disappointing due to supply constraints. 



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    @Ray7:At some point he ipod will be discontinued. not anytime soom, but pretty much every phone can offer at least 32 gig which for most people is more than enough.

    Once 4G is out then it's curtains for actually downloading music as most people seem to prefer the spotify way of listening to music. IF this was Microsoft people would be accusing them of speeling on the Job (no pun intended)

    I have a HTC Phone, and they are not doing to bad either

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    @vesuvius: The figures are fantastic, yes – but over the past couple of quarters, Apple tends to brag about its market takeover in very specific terms. For example, they now talk about how they are bigger than Nokia in terms of sales revenue. Fair enough, but that doesn't mean they sell more phones; it means the phones they sell are more expensive.

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    , Ray7 wrote


    it means the phones they sell are more expensive.

    Or it means their costs are lower than the competition for parts, etc. They purchace in such large volumes I have to believe that's why they are able to sell the iPad 2 so inexpesively. It by far has the best bang for the buck when it comes to tablets with what's currently available today.

    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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    @DeathByVisualStudio: Yup, point taken.

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