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View Thread: Any current ThinkPad owners, would you recommend?
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    @PopeDai: I have the X1 Carbon at work and have used it for a week.  I'm used to having a smaller touchpad (on an older thinkpad) and this one drives me nuts.  I was editing a power point and I bump the touchpad when typing and it would switch slides on me.  The one other downside is that the screen looks a little grainy when compared to my Surface RT.  I don't notice it all that much if I look straight on perfectly, but at a slight angle with a white background, I do notice it. Well...I guess I also like real touchpad buttons on the bottom rather than the rocking touchpad. 

    The specs and everything else about the machine is really nice, but biggest issue for me personally is the touchpad (though maybe I need to stop resting my hands on the laptop while also typing).