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View Thread: Any current ThinkPad owners, would you recommend?
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    I'm looking to replace my laptop and spotted a reasonably priced, reasonably specced thinkpad. I've always heard good things about ThinkPads and, on the odd occasion I've been able to get hands on but I was wondering if that's still the case with the current ones? I'll probably get lass bang for my buck (sadly my buck isn't that flexible) if I get the ThinkPad, but I won't mind if I'm paying for quality so I can eek a few extra years of life out of it (I'm sure if I reinstalled the machine being replaced would be capable enough for the next few years, but the hardware is slowly breaking (fortunately mostly peripherals thus far)). So any recommendations/warnings?

    (Plus, they use ThinkPads on the space station!)

    EDIT: I should add the machine in question is a ThinkPad Edge, which I believe are consumer oriented ThinkPads, if that makes a difference.