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Anybody wanna chip in with a windows phone 7 game?

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    Hey guys,

    My name is Lewis, just call me ko. I am 27 years old and have been coding roughly 5 years. I have a BSc in game development and just found this site via that achievement addon....nifty.

    Started making a windows phone 7 game, space invaders type game. Just wanted to rush the app store. However I have work to do for my Masters degree which involves making a educational game to help support my theory. 

    There is loads one could add such as animated sprites, rocking the enemies back and forth. More advanced enemy movement, power ups etc etc.

    My language is C++ and normally directX or OpenGL so XNA and C# is new to me and although proving very easy I have not coded in a OO fashion. The game currently has custom sprites and soundtrack provided by arty farty friends of mine. I was thinking of having a boss type that houses a facebook picture of one of your friends, or of course a pre selected picture from the phone. Call it FaceInvaders then. Doubt I will sell the game but if more work goes into it it would be silly to not at least trying to sell it.

    A good CV (resume) entry for anybody in the same position as me and looking to get some experience not related to Uni under your belt. 



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    moved image to top thread ^

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    I'm not sure if I had time for a game... but if you need help, feel free to post here

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