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View Thread: Anyone know of a good source for Apple/Samsung court case (1 bababaillion)?
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    I don't, but just heard that the judge pointing out the jury awarded that sum of damage without even finding a single infringement cause me to think something problematic is happening.

    From Techdirt: After the rush, the judge came back to point out two problems with the verdict -- including the jury awarding damages in cases where it had not found infringement. While this will be corrected and won't change the results much, it certainly suggests that the jury rushed through this and may not have taken this particularly seriously. When you start talking about the numbers being thrown around in damages here, at some point, it must start to feel like play money. But it's a pretty big indictment of the jury itself that it would make a mistake like this. It raises significant questions about how careful they were in getting to a verdict vs. how quickly they wanted to be done in time for the weekend.