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Anyone looking to buy RIM

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    I didn't think so. Anyways, it seems that they might be looking for potential buyers. Someone should pull another Nokia deal by tossing out their software and making them another Windows Phone OEM.

    They've been around long enough to collect a patent here or there. Perhaps those could be useful, to someone like Nathan Myhrvold. Lord knows, that BES wouldn't fetch a shiny nickel on the open market.


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    You know, my new work phone is a BB Bold and, while the software is beyond awful, the hardware is really really nice. There's plenty of touches that no other phones I've owned had.

    Like the inductive charging pad. Or the subtle rubber profiles on the back that make it not slip everywhere when you put it on your desk.

    I'm surprised to say that I *like* the hardware... Expressionless

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    I don't think they'd make a good WP OEM. Most of their devices have screens that are way too small to support the vertical-scrolling theme pervasive in WP7.

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