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View Thread: Apparently the IPO didn't fund Linkedin enough to hire decent programmers
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    , 01001001 wrote


    If I put up a Visio or UML diagram detailing the technology and how it works, even if it is in fact unbreakable not through obfuscation.... How much would that technology be worth in dollar value after the posting?

    zero maybe?

    Even posting it to the USPTO would be a mistake, because somebody would just make a variant.

    Remember all those CD/DVD game protection schemes from Eastern Europe way back when that made people in Poland and other block countries overnight millionaires?

    How much would anything be worth if you explained it to people, even if the technology is 100% sound?

    How much would Goldman Sach's automated trading system be worth if a detailed technical overview was posted?

    Part of it's value is the fact that it's protected and a trade secret.


    Well show us the cash you've been making by selling this then.