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View Thread: Apple CEO: MS Surface is like flying car.
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    Sven Groot

    , vesuvius wrote

    People need to call bull**** on that one. Tim Cook is misleading people. the WinRT version of surface does not contain the desktop functionality, so it is a single UI paradigm. I would think that most users will buy this, once the software has been patched a few times, and apps are available.

    Sorry, but you're wrong about that. Windows RT does contain the desktop, including the regular desktop apps like Paint, Notepad, the command prompt, and even the ability to run IE10 in desktop mode. Additionally, Office for Windows RT can only run on the desktop, and there are a number of settings that can only be adjusted on the desktop, including IE settings (metro IE has no settings UI) and language settings.

    The only thing that Windows RT cannot do is run third party desktop apps, as it's obviously not compatible with existing x86 software and MS has not provided any way to create desktop software for it. But it does contain the desktop.