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Apple CEO: MS Surface is like flying car.

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    Honda's flying car

    Honda's does fly.

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    @Sven Groot: More precisely it can't run non-preinstalled / windows update delivered desktop apps, whether they're from a third party or Microsoft.

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    , Ray7 wrote

    Which is not to say that it won't work. I think the tech crowd will love it.

    But he's essentially saying it's not going to work for the masses by considering it as something not so great and "confusing". You wouldn't make such a statement if you believed otherwise.

    Or just maybe his opinion differs outside of a conference call and that he truly does feel it's a competitive device.

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    If I recall correctly, he was referring to Surface, which is going to have Win8 Pro version.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    What's hilarious is that Apple and its fanboys think that the iPad is this device that's perfectly designed for human consumption. The reality is that the iPad, itself, is a compromise. There's very little that an iPad does best. It's supposed to be a portable device, yet smartphones are way more portable. It's supposed to be a media device, but watching a movie on a 9.7" screen is a shitty experience compared to watching on a notebook or HDTV. It's supposed to be a book-reader, but it's way more clunky than a real e-book reader. It tries to be a productivity device, but I'd rather stab my eyes with a rusty nail than to have to type something with that horrendous on-screen keyboard and even more horrendous autocorrect feature.

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    Everything is a compromise. Apple thinks they've made the best compromises. Some of us don't agree. Other's do. How the numbers pan out in the end none of us really knows. I was shocked the iPad sold at all, much less took off the way it does. So I'm not taking any bets, one way or the other, on how the Surface or other Win8 devices are going to do. I know that these devices are what I've been waiting for for years now, but that doesn't mean any of them will be commercial successes. Rather than acting like a fanboi for either company, I'll just wait and see... though I am excited because success or failure, I'll get some real productivity out of one of these new devices.

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    , wkempf wrote

    Everything is a compromise. Apple thinks they've made the best compromises. Some of us don't agree. Other's do.

    And a quick search on Amazon for "iPad keyboard" turns up quite a few products intended for those who think Apple didn't compromised in the right place.

    This is (just one of the many reasons) why I love about my Surface... the keyboard is just a cover... until I need it... and then it becomes a great keyboard as well.

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    Apple knows their market.

    Cook also said that the iPad mini won't canibalise their iPad sales.

    Either he is wrong, or he knows his customers will buy anything with an i regardless of whether they need it or even have a use for it.

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    @elmer: It won't cannibalize sales of the iPad because it's a new category! A category Apple invented. They were so dead set on inventing this category that they even had this product banned in the EU. Legal action gave Apple a full year to take their time to invent this category and even allowed them to release their product with specs that were inferior over year ago. WTG, Apple! You rule!




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