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Apple gunning for the mobile operators?

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    I've always believed that one of Cupertino's master plans is to shaft the mobile network operators in the same way they shafted Flash:

    1. Plant the notion that the system is crap.
    2. Create disturbances in the Force until everyone agrees with you.

    This should be easier with the mobile operators because everyone already knows that the current system is crap.

    I thought that the reason behind the Apple retail stores (aside from giving parents somewhere to leave teenagers while they go shopping for clothes) was to give Apple a place to set up wide area network stations for their iGadgets. They plan to open 40 new stores during 2012, but it'll be years before they have enough of them to give the network any meaningful reach.

    Which is why this article from ElectricPig is so interesting. As far as conspiracy theories go, it's a blinder.

    Apple becomes a virtual mobile operator, buying airtime from all the networks. When you make a call, the iPhone routes it through the best network in terms of service to you (we hope) and price for Apple (we can be sure). The service providers will fall over each other to improve their networks to secure Apple connections, which everyone else will benefit from. 

    So you don't sign up with with Vodafone or O2, you sign up with Apple. Apple charges you about £200 for the phone but will only have one single, simple tariff. Something like £30 per month, and that's it. Voice, data, roaming, the whole lot; as much as you want in any country you visit.

    The networks will probably fall over each other to sign up to it, while Apple completes their own network that will cut them from the loop entirely.


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