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    Sven Groot

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums: Actually both my children are learning cursive handwriting in school at the moment.  I've told them they're not learning to touch-type until their handwriting is up to scratch (my son is left-handed so he's having to work harder at neatness).

    Good thing you weren't my father, then, because I would still not be allowed to touch type. Wink

    Honestly, my handwriting is terrible, and has always been terrible. Back when I was in elementary school it was a common joke for my teachers to say I would become a general practitioner because my handwriting was so terrible.

    I also never, ever use cursive anymore. I'm way faster writing in block letters (although I can write cursive quite fast, I can't read it back myself unless I go really slowly and carefully). The only thing that I still use that's sort of cursive writing is my signature.

    Note being able to read an analogue clock though, that's just stupid. Let's just hope those people never need to catch a train when their iPhone's battery has run out (90% of stations I've been to only have analogue clocks).