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View Thread: Apple maps potentially life threatening
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    Ion Todirel

    , Sven Groot wrote


    Oh thank goodness. Finally, a maps application that can find stuff! Just a few days ago, I was lamenting how ridiculous it'd gotten to try and find a specific restaurant I wanted to eat at, because Apple Maps couldn't find it (naturally), and the Google Maps web app keeps losing the search every time the phone goes to sleep. At least now it works properly again, and even seems to have more features than before.

    And public transit directions are back! Sure, I usually use Jorudan for that but that's only helpful if I already know which stations to use. And it looks like they've got buses for Tokyo as well now, which Jorudan doesn't do.

    I hope everyone starts using this and that Apple Maps usage falls to zero. It's not deserving of anything better.

    +1, I just ordered an iPhone 5 Smiley I have a 4, and it shows it's age in this world of multi-core computing and LTE