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View Thread: Apple maps potentially life threatening
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    , vesuvius wrote

    Fancy seeing Big Ben and not being able to read it, that just does not compute.

    Why would you look at Big Ben to know the time when your iphone in your pocket tells you what the time is without the need to look up or travel to parliament square? And instead of roman numerals on a round face that makes you have to sort of guess the minutes by looking at the angle, your iPhone will tell you exactly what time it is in digital quality immediately.

    I don't like this whole "we need to teach our students how to do the stuff that we could do" nostalgia BS. If we make something that means our kids don't have to jump through the same stupid hoops we did to get the information that they need, why should we teach them to do stuff in the old fashioned way?

    Frankly GPSes fill a major gap that maps have - i.e. it tells you where you are, without you needing to know before hand. Digital times might be less pretty than analogue ones, but they're by-and-large more accurate and faster to interpret, and if a student fails to put his apostrophes after possessives or dares to ends his sentences with a preposition, I think it is a world that we will have to put up with.

    And you know what - it might be better.