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    These quotes don't tackle the problem of today - total reliance on something so fickle like modern technology. The elderly have always thought that the young are brats, that's one thing, but never in human history has man given up his innate abilites so willingly to rely completely on something so unreliabe and prone to failures - yet so complex - like bits and bytes. A human can't fly or reach the speed of a racing car. You have no choice but use a machine. But a person can very well write just with fingers if needed. Losing that ability only to literally rely on a complex machine for the task is madness.

    Using a machine to enhance your abilities is great! Using a machine to disable your abilities is terrible!

    Let's not forget that it isn't even single machines we are talking about nowadays, but always-mothership-connected prolonged arms of organizations that most of the time don't have your well being in mind.

    Herbie: "When the printing press was invented, we no longer had to memorise so much information"

    A book exists and is usable without a power plant. Books and scrolls that are thousands of years old are getting found, and are still readable, while the average USB stick rots within less than a decade. Think what immense infrastructure is needed to keep a single net-connected PC working.