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    , Sven Groot wrote


    Because that is the tone your writing conveys. If that is not your intent I would seriously reconsider your choice of words and writing style.

    So you're suggesting that this post has an "angry" tone? "My take", "I wonder", "It seems like" all seem pretty passive to me. It really seems more like anything critical said about Microsoft here is considered "angry", "negative", or "presumptuous". No doubt I've gone on some rants here as many others have but the post EvilD referred to was not one of them.

    , MasterPie wrote

    @Sven Groot: and presumptiousness.

    Presumptuous? That's pretty funny considering the vague nature of kettch's remarks that I was responding to.

    Regardless I'm glad to know you must agree with my points as all you have added to the discussion is an attempt to deflect based on a mild personal attack.