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View Thread: Apple to start manufacturing in the US
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    , Bass wrote

    Apple is such a huge company that investing in industrial automation might make some sense. Every time they use Foxxconn or the like to "contract" out their manufacturing, they piss away some of their profit..

    It would make a whole lot of sense. And once they have the systems in place then I can see them handling all the manufacturing themselves. All the equipment and machinery used by Foxconn, Sharp etc. to build iGadgets is already owned by Apple (which is why they get snippy if their manufacturing partners use the machines to build laptops for competitors). So all that Apple is really paying for is the cheap labour. If the labour isn't needed…

    Apple has taken a lot of flak for 'supporting slave labour'. I wonder what the petitioners will say when Apple stops 'supporting' it and puts thousands of ChInese out of work.