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View Thread: Apple/Samsung from a juror's perspective
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    , GoddersUK wrote

    So yeah... does very little to reinforce my faith in either the US legal system or modern IP law/patent systems.

    And personally, do you think [the US patent system] is broken and sick and needs reform?

    I believe we definitely need to continue the discussion. What I applaud is the fact that there is a discussion going on. Not everybody agrees with me or agrees with the decision that we made.

    But that's OK. Whether I believe it is sick or broken or needs to be fixed or not, the rules are today what they are.

    But if the community of engineers at large believe that it needs to be changed or re-reviewed, this court, this trial, and this set of jurors - myself included - was not the genre for that. It was not the right place.

    That wasn't our authority and it wasn't what we were supposed to do.

    However, Congress is one vehicle, and the President has a cabinet post for technology, that is the other one.

    Keep the buzz going, keep the debate going, and if you genuinely believe that change is in order, there is an outlet for that.